Stock at Forklifthouse

Seek and take stock of machines saves time and of money. Moreover, you often do not just have the right machine which searches your client . Forklifthouse serves as a centralized warehouse with a total area of ​​3700 m2 and offers a large and varied stock of used machines.

IMG 9278

Gebruikte regelingen Crown / Used spare-parts Crown

HF laders kopie

Gebruikte HF laders / Used HF chargers

jungheinrich laders

Gebruikte Jungheinrich laders. Used chargers

convensionele laders

Gebruikte convensionele laders. / used chargers


Gebruikte MP1506 rijregeling o.a Jungheinrich ELE-EJC /

Used MP1506 driving module

display overzicht

Gebruikte displays-urentellers-batterij ontladingsmeters. / Used display-hour meters- discharge indicator

joystick overzicht

Gebruikte Multipilots-joysticks / Used Multipilots-joysticks

Curtis Sepex regeling

Gebruikte Curtis rijregelingen /

Used Curtis driving modules

AS4814 kopie kopie

Gebruikte AS4814 Rij/hef regeling /

Used AS4814 driving/lifting module

AS2405i JH EJE 116 kopie
Gebruikte AS2405 Rijregeling o.a. Jungheinrich EJE116 /
Used AS2405 driving module

Atlet ac 1 regeling

Gebruikte Zapi AC-1 rijregeling /

Used Zapi AC-1 driving module